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how it all began

I've been asked many times why I am such a huge Tigger fan, so I thought I'd finally share how my "obsession" with Tigger began, and how it has become what it is today, as well as share how my Tigger graphics collection got started.  So without further adieu...

tigger as my favorite

If you've ever read the children's story The Velveteen Rabbit, you'll immediately understand how Tigger became my favorite Disney character.

As a child, I had a small stuffed tiger that I named Tigger.  This tiger was by no means impressive, and he really looked nothing like the Disney Tigger.  It was small, fit in my hand, but I took that stuffed animal everywhere.  I carried it with me, slept with it, played with it - that tiger was my Velveteen Rabbit.

Over the years that tiger - my Tigger - became worn and dirty.  One of his eyes fell off, but I still loved it.  Heck I even remember trying to "wash" him once in my grandmother's bathroom sink to get him clean.

As it happens with children's toys, Tigger disappeared.  I don't know if my mother took him and got rid of him, or if I accidentally threw him away, or if he really just became lost.  I can only take wild guesses as to whatever happened to him.

That tiger became my Velveteen Rabbit.  He became so real he left.  I'd give almost anything to have that tiger back.  It was one of my most prized childhood possessions  Alas, I doubt I'll ever see my first Tigger again, but I'll never forget what he looked liked and what he meant to me.

That tiger was the start of my Tigger fan-dom.  Tigger remained my favorite Disney character, but it wasn't until my late teens / early 20's that I really "re-discovered" my love of Tigger.  Disney Stores were just becoming popular in the early 90's, and I visited my first Disney Store in a Chicago suburb.  I bought a black Tigger t-shirt that started the Tigger collection I have today.

the graphics

"In the beginning... there were four."

My Tigger graphics collection started in spring of 1994 when I was a cast member at the Disney Store.  I'd been a fan of Tigger all my life, and my love of Tigger was something that helped me stand out in the hundreds of applicants to work at the new Disney Store being opened in Erie.  I'd even worn my "lucky" black Tigger socks to the interview with my suit.

Shortly after I started at Disney, I bought a set of Pooh stickers that included four different Tigger stickers.  Scanners were not "standard equipment" in those days, so I started to ask around to see if anyone had one so that I could have electronic versions of my stickers to use on things.  The internet was "just getting started" back then, and there weren't the myriad picture and graphics sites that there are today.

Fortunately, the husband of one of the managers had a color scanner where he worked (yes, a *color* scanner was something special), and she offered to take the stickers and scan them for me.  Eventually I received my stickers back and two floppies containing TIFF versions of my stickers.

I used those graphics on all sorts of things, and they would be the only Tigger graphics I had until 1997 when I finally worked somewhere that had a scanner.

And then the collection really began.  I scanned any pictures I could find, and cleaned them up as best I could.  At some point early in my website days, I decided to share the fruits of my labor.  After all, what good did it do for me to horde them?

As scanning and paint programs have improved over the years, my ability to clean up and work with the Tigger graphics has greatly improved.  Even my original four have been "improved" several times since their first scans years ago.

I've always resisted getting my Tigger graphics from other websites, mostly because I can't be sure of the scanning quality or format of the graphic, and well as many of the graphics out there are just repeats or are of poor quality.  There have been exceptions, but not many.  I have always wanted the graphics I offer here to be unique.

Pictured to the left are those four original graphics - bounce-01, dorky-01, honeypot-01, and openarms-01.  The ones that started it all.