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February 2012

El Morro Castle -  Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

In February 2012, David and I took our first non-family, non-work-related, non-coaster, non-holiday vacation trip.  We took a nine-day trip to Puerto Rico and had a FANTASTIC time.  I'd go back any time.  This pic was taken a another gay couple we ran into while touring the castle.

February 2012

Arecibo Radio Telescope - Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Once we decided on going to Puerto Rico for our vacation, there was ONE place that was one my list of absolute-must-sees - the radio telescope at Arecibo.  I know, completely nerdy, but ever since I was a kid, I wanted to visit Arecibo.  I did a science report many years ago back in 6th or 7th grade about Arecibo, and I have always been a bit of space geek.  Wish fulfilled.

April 2010

Tidal Basin - Washington, DC

One of the things DC is most famous for is the Cherry Blossom Festival, and I swear every time I tell someone that I live in the DC area, it's one of the things they ask ("Have you seen the cherry blossoms?").  Here we are enjoying the sights in 2010.

November 2011

Key West, FL

David and I right before my brother's wedding in Key West Florida.  It would be at least another hour before the wedding would start (the bride was nearly 45 minutes late.... women!)

November 2011

Key West, FL

Again in Key West, David and I are posing at the "southernmost point of the United States".  I put that in quotes, because even though the marker says it is, it's not really the southernmost point.  I altered the colors on this photo to have David and I in color, and everything else in black and white, and I used this picture for our annual Christmas ornament in 2011.

March 2008

Lake Louise - Alberta, Canada

This was the first and only time I ever went downhill skiing.  I was reluctant to go on the day trip to ski, but as usual, David guilted me like crazy so I went.  It actually turned out to be a lot of fun - we took a day's worth of lessons and learned some of the basics.

March 2008

Johnston Canyon - Alberta, Canada

At first I wasn't thrilled about going with David to Banff, Alberta for one of his conferences, but I am very glad that I did.  The Canadian Rockies are amazingly beautiful, and we had a really great time.  The architecture and setting reminded me a lot of my hometown and my parent's home.  Both of us also went downhill skiing for the first time in our lives.  This photo is from our icewalk in Johnston Canyon.

March 2008

Philadelphia, PA

After being a "chorus wife" for the first few years of our relationship, David finally became a singing member of PGMC in January 2008.  This picture was taken at our first concert singing together, in March 2008.

May 2007

South Beach - Miami, FL

One of the perks of David's post-doctorate position is going to conferences around the US.  Occasionally I'm able to fit these into my schedule as well and join him for a vacation.  Here we are together in Miami, Florida.

June 2006

Kings Island - Kings Mills, OH

In June of 2006, David and I, along three other friends, did a Midwest Coaster Trip.  Our last stop was at Kiing's Island near Cincinnati, OH.  Here we are in front of one of David's top roller coasters, The Beast.

February 2007

Georgia Aquarium - Atlanta, GA

David is a big fan of aquaria and fish.  It was because of him that I got back into setting up my own freshwater tank.  It's not nearly as pretty as his saltwater tank.  This picture is from our visit to the world's largest aquarium, the Georgia Aquarium, in Atlanta, GA.

November 2004

Fort Washington, PA

David and I are both fans of the Food Network, and in particular, we both love Alton Brown and his show Good Eats.  In 2004 the Food Network held a food expo and show near Philadelphia.  David and I waited in line for nearly two hours to get our picture with our "food hero" Alton Brown.

January 2004

1st Apartment - Philadelphia, PA

This picture of us was taken on David's first visit to Philadelphia over the New Year's holiday.

February 2004

Camden, NJ

Here we are on the Jersey side of the Delaware river (you can see Philadelphia in the background) visiting the NJ Aquarium.  It was during this visit that David and I officially became "boyfriends".

March 2004

Philadelphia, PA

David came to my chorus concert in March of 2004.  It was special to me to see him in the audience, not to mention I got to "show him off" afterwards ;)

May 2004

Philadelphia, PA

David was such a trooper over the years for putting up with having to help me at the various gay festivals in Philadelphia.  This picture is from the 2004 Equality Forum.  It was so nice to walk around the festival with him holding hands.  This is one of David's favorite pictures of the two of us.

May 2004

Dorney Park - Allentown, PA

Thank god David likes roller coasters.  Not nearly to the geeky extent that I do, but that's ok, as long as he likes the parks.  Here we are ascending the lift hill of Steel Force at Dorney Park.

May 2004

Parent's Home - North East, PA

David had his own "meet the parents" experience over Memorial Day weekend in 2004.  Unfortunately, he was sick a lot that weekend, but we still had a great time.  Here we are with Moose, my dad's previous dog.

April 2005

Piedmont Park - Atlanta, GA

David and I at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA.  I discovered that weekend that I am allergic to the South, or more specifically, all the pollen that was in the air.

October 2005

Knoebel's - Elysburg, PA

In the background of this picture is Knoebel's amusement park, in the middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania.

September 2004

Kennywood - Pittsburgh, PA

For once, David showed ME around an amusement park - Kennywood to be exact.  Even though I lived in PIttsburgh for over a year, I never made it to Kennywood.  Here we are ascending the lift hill of Phantom's Revenge.