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Will is an orange and white tabby.  He has white paws and a white chest and face.  I fell in love with him the minute my father brought him home.  He was totally the cat that I wanted.  As I expected, he has grown into quite a hefty kitty.  While he might be a big kitty, he is still very much a baby.  He is not much of a cuddler, but he likes to sleep on my legs when I'm on the couch.  He also insists on crawling on top of my chest when I go to bed.  After he's had enough of that, he'll sleep on the bed in between us.  Will also always has to be close by.  Even when I'm in the bathroom, Will has to follow me in or he'll scratch at the door and cry.

Will - one month
One month old 
Will - snow
Playing in the snow
Will - cave
Sleeping in the kitty cave
Will - stairs
Hanging over the stairs
Will - desk
On my desk
Will - laptop
In my laptop case

Nap time... again!

Can we go to the vet please?

Pack me up and ship me!

Grace is classified as a gray tortoiseshell.  She has very subtle streaks of orange and white in her fur.  She is much smaller than her brother Will, but she is the more crafty and intelligent kitty.  She also has a knack for finding the most interesting places to take a nap, as shown by the variety of pictures here.  She is also the only cat I've ever known who likes to play fetch.  In my old apartment, Grace would sleep on my bed every night, and generally hog more space than she needed (typical woman.... LOL).  She also tends to be a little bit on the bi-polar side, one minute she can be very happy and sweet, and the next minute she gets pissed off and hisses.  I don't have many problems with her, but she doesn't always appreciate David.

Grace - one month
One month old
Grace - pounce
Ready to pounce
Grace - TV
Sleeping next to the TV
Grace - box
Sleeping in a box
Grace - couch
Close up while sleeping
Grace - sweatshirt
Sleeping in my Tigger sweatshirt

Underneath/inside a quilt

High up on a shelf in my t-shirts

Under the dirty laundry
will and grace

Together Will and Grace are a delightful pair of cats.  Fortunately they have settled down with age.  I don't have to come home any more and worry about what might be broken.  Two cats is really not much more work than having one.  Each cat has their own distinct personality, and I learn more about them every day as they learn more about me.  They are my babies - I love them to death and I always spoil them rotten.

Will and Grace - three months
Two months old
Will and Grace - hamper
Sleeping in the clothes hamper
Will and Grace - basket
Sleeping in the laundry
Will and Grace - bed
On my bed
Will and Grace - cave
Playing on/in the kitty cave
Will and Grace - baskets
One basket each!

Sharing a chair

A basket of kitties!

Look daddy, we're not fighting!