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July 2012

Capitol Steps - Denver, CO

In July 2012 I made the trek to Denver, CO for my fourth GALA festival.  GALA is a festival where all the gay and lesbian choruses from around the country get together and perform.  The festival is held every four years and it's always an amazing time.  This picture is me on the steps of the capitol building.  Etched in the stone of one of the steps is the phrase "One Mile Above Sea Level".  However, later more accurate measurements were made, and the "one-mile" mark is actually a couple steps higher, indicated by the round plaque. 

July 2012

Nationals Stadium - Washington, DC

Sometimes the best pictures are those semi-candids you don't really expect.  My friend Marcus took this picture of me as GMCW was getting ready to sing the national anthem at a Nationals baseball game.  I posted this as my Facebook profile picture and received a lot of great comments - including some high school friends who were jealous at how "young" I still look.

February 2012

El Morro Castle - Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

In February 2012, David and I took our first non-family, non-work-related, non-coaster, non-holiday vacation trip.  We took a nine-day trip to Puerto Rico and had a FANTASTIC time.  I'd go back any time.  David took this picture of me in El Morro Castle, one of two fortresses in Old San Juan that were used to protect the city many years ago.

May 2011

San Francisco, CA

As I've mentioned in other places here, one of the perks of David's job is that he gets to travel for conferences and other business events.  In 2011 I flew out to San Francisco to meet up with David after he'd been at a conference for a few days.  Unfortunately I couldn't take a lot of time off from work, so we weren't able to any extensive amount of sightseeing, so this is the closest I got to Alcatraz while there.

October 2010

Camp Round Meadow - Thurmont, MD

Again in the "semi-candid" vein of pictures, this one was taken at a GMCW retreat in 2010.  I used this picture as my Facebook profile picture for quite some time.

October 2008

 Philadelphia, PA

My career as a trainer makes it very easy for me to be up in front of people, be spontaneous, and even be a bit funny.  Thanks to that ability, in PGMC I was often called upon to be the narrator for a full concert or be the host for a cabaret show.  This picture is from one of turns as host of a PGMC cabaret.  I even got a mention in one of the local gay rags for being an entertaining host!

July 2007

1st Apartment - Philadelphia, PA

My 37th birthday fell on a very unique day in 2007 - 07/07/07.  Not only that, but I was born on 07/07/70.  Not to mention that both dates contain three 7's (get it, 3 7's?.... 37? yeah yeah....)

June 2006

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom - Louisville, KY

When it comes to amusement parks, I have no shame.  I mean, hey, who can resist riding a giant violin?

June 2006

Kimmel Center - Philadelphia, PA

In 2006 PGMC had its premiere performance at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia - one of the top performance venues in the city.  Here I am posing in front of the publicity poster outside of the hall.

August 2005

New York City, NY

This picture was taken on my second trip to NYC.  Far in the background is the Statue of Liberty.  David and I went to NYC to see Avenue Q, which was my birthday present from him.

July 2005

Hershey Park - Hershey, PA

Now I ask you, who wouldn't want their picture with a model cow on top of some coaster track?

October 2004

Six Flags Great Adventure - Jackson, NJ

Coaster geek?  Guilty as charged.  Here I'm signing my name on a portion of the track for Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure.

September 2004

 Lake Erie near North East, PA

I do not claim to be much of a fisherman, quite unlike my father who *is* quite a fisherman.  On my first foray into perch fishing in over 10 years, this was my first catch.  What a whopper eh?

August 2004

Pittsburgh Zoo - Pittsburgh, PA

The most significant thing about this picture is the fact that I am lacking hair.  I'd been wanting to buzz my hair down like this for a while, but never had the balls to do it.  Until then.  It was quite a shock to see at first, but I grew to like it.  Unfortunately, my friends didn't like it as much as me, and said I looked like a cancer patient :( I guess the nearly-bald look isn't for everyone.

May 2004

Waldameer - Erie, PA

I like this photo (cuz I'm actually smiling in it), but I didn't care for the ride we were on.  This was at Waldameer park in Erie, PA.

March 2004

Phipps Conservatory - Pittsburgh, PA

Another good photo taken at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh.  The floral displays are quite stunning.

September 2003

Six Flags Great Adventure - Jackson, NJ

This was taken on the ferris wheel at Six Flags Great Adventure.  Goodness knows what I was talking about.  I'm wearing one of my favorite t-shirts.

May 2002

Philadelphia, PA

Yeah I tried the curly hair thing in 2002.  I'd had it short for so long I decided to grow it out and see what would happen.  Too bad it's such a pain to get it like this again.

October 2001

Philadelphia Gas Works - Philadelphia, PA

Hard at work?  Yeah right.  This was a "promo shot" I did for a marketing brochure for my company.

April 2001

1st Apartment - Philadelphia, PA

Me and my kitty Will.  Aren't we adorable?

September 1999

Old Liberty Bell Pavilion - Philadelphia, PA

They don't let you do this anymore, but there was a time when you could actually touch the Liberty Bell.


Artist Portrait - Philadelphia, PA

If only I had the talent to paint something like this.  This is a portrait that was done of me by a local artist in Philadelphia.  It was interesting to try and scan this.


Phi Mu Alpha - Valparaiso, IN

Big glasses, bolo tie, and a mullet.  Yes -- I was a lesbian.  But hey, it was 1991.  Thank god I got through that.

March 1990

Epcot Center - Orlando, FL

It's a rather old picture (1990 to be exact), but need I say more as to why this picture is here? :)