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October 2003

Pittsburgh, PA

This is one of the first pictures that David sent to me when we started to chat on Gay.com in October of 2003.  He was the one who chatted me up first.

January 2004

1st Apartment - Philadelphia, PA

David hates this picture, but it was one of the first ones I took of him at my place.

March 2004

Phillps Conservatory - Pittsburgh, PA

Here he is looking adorable at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh.

August 2004

Pittsburgh Zoo - Pittsburgh, PA

Hehehehe.... beaver.

September 2004

Lake Erie near North East, PA

David came home with me again for Labor Day weekend 2004.  We had the chance to go out on my Dad's boat and fish for perch, something I hadn't done since I was a kid.  Here David is showing off one of his catches.

February 2005

Pittsburgh, PA

David's cat Tika loves to snuggle with him in bed and on the couch.  She will even crawl under the covers with him and keep warm (smart cat! *wink*).

April 2005

Atlanta, GA

David doesn't like his new glasses very much, but I think they are cute.

July 2005

Kennywood - Pittsburgh, PA

David attempting to be oh-so-serious.  (Or is he?)  Click this one for his true nature.

January 2006

1st Apartment - Philadelphia, PA

David and Will asleep in one of my chairs.  David is determined to make Will a lap kitty.  Here is one of the rare time he actually succeeded.

June 2006

Kings Island - Kings Mills, OH

Attempting to look cool.

June 2006

Pizza King - Richmond, IN

I don't think I've seen David ever grin as big as he did when we visited Pizza King in Indiana during our Midwest Coaster Trip.  For years he had been telling me about how much he loved their pizza, and how much he missed it and wanted to take me there.  We were able to work in a stop there during our trip, and David was in hog heaven.

February 2007

Atlanta, GA

Smart dog - he knows a lickable face when he sees one :-)

May 2007

South Beach - Miami, FL

On the beach in Miami, Florida.  Being fair-skinned, David has to be careful how much sun he gets.

March 2008

Banff, Alberta, Canada

What?  It's David being hugged by a giant moose in Banff.  Seems completely normal to me.

March 2008

Johnston Canyon - Alberta, Canada

Completely the opposite of Miami, Florida is Banff, Alberta in the Canadian Rockies.  Here David is posing along our ice walk in Johnston Canyon.

April 2011

Southern Tip of Western Cape - South Africa

One of the perks of David's job is that he gets to travel to some pretty great places.  Some times I'm able to tag along, but most times I have to live vicariously through him.  In 2011 he traveled to South Africa.  We stayed in touch via Skype and I got to hear all about his adventures.

August 2009

Chesapeake Bay - Maryland

I don't know where David got this idea, but we attempted to go "crabbing" using a method that was pretty outlandish and quite honestly, seemed pretty questionable in its ability to have a success rate.  To top it off, we didn't really know where to go and what the heck we were doing.  This was the one lone crab we caught that day, and sadly, we didn't even get to eat it.  It died in the bucket.

After it was all said and done, we went to a seafood shop and just bought a bushel of crabs and cooked them up.

February 2009

Our Apartment - Philadelphia, PA

David loves having his picture taken.