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Flume - Knoebel's

2 June 2007

Adrienne, me

This was my first trip to Knoebel's outside of our annual October trip.  David was at a conference for the weekend, so Adrienne and I decided to make a trip to Knoebel's.  It was quite different being there in shorts and t-shirts, and we got to ride several rides that are usually closed in the fall.

The Beast - Paramount's King's Island

23 June 2007

David, me

Thank God for DING fares from Southwest Airlines.  David and I took advantage of a cheap fare to Columbus, OH so that we could make the short trip down to King's Island, one of David's favorite parks.

The day turned out to be A LOT colder than we had expected, and both of us had to buy hoodies to stay warm.

Maverick - Cedar Point

20 October 2007

David, me, Randy, Phil

This was my only new coaster this year, and WOW, what a ride!  Maverick has quickly added itself to my list of favorite rides.

This was our annual trip to Cedar Point in October with our friends Phil and Randy from Pittsburgh.

Maverick - Cedar Point

21 October 2007

David, me, Miguel, Adrienne

The second photo from Maverick shows the rest of our group.  Adrienne comes with us every year, and this year we brought along our friend Miguel.

The weather was very nice this year - too nice actually - which meant that the crowds were rather sizeable.  We did manage to get four rides on Maverick, and every one of them was totally worth it.

Scooby Doo Ghoster Coaster - Kings Dominion

24 May 2009

Adrienne, David, me

For future reference, it's called a "junior coaster" for a reason - that is, trying to cram two adults into a single seat is not the greatest idea.  At least it was with someone cute :)

Anaconda - Kings Dominion

24 May 2009

Adrienne, me, David

Ok so yes, we're smiling, but it's not because this Arrow mega-looper is that amazing of a ride.  We took our token ride on Anaconda and that was it.

Scooby Doo and the Haunted Mansion - Kings Dominion

24 May 2009

Adrienne, me, David

More and more of these dark shoot-em up rides have been showing up at parks.  They are a lot of fun, and there's nothing like a little silly competition amongst friends.  I think I won this time around... woo hoo!

Ricochet - Kings Dominion

24 May 2009

Adrienne, David, me

"We love you David, oh yes we do, we love you David, and we'll be true.  When you're not near us, we're blue, Oh David we love you!"

Talon - Dorney Park

3 October 2009

Randy, Phil, Adrienne, me

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Talon is one of my most favorite inverted coasters. 

This picture is rather bittersweet though - this is the last on-ride photo I have with Phil.  Phil died in a car accident in November of that year.  While I have always had friends who have enjoyed going to parks and riding coasters, Phil was one of the few who truly understood my need to know all the geeky details about them, because he too, was a geek.  It was thanks to Phil that we started going to Cedar Point every year for Halloweekends, and I think of him every time we go.  Miss you buddy.  I hope the coasters in heaven kick ass.