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Superman: Ultimate Flight - Six Flags Over Georgia

9 April 2005

me, David

My first park of the year was, oddly enough, not either of my "local" parks, but rather Six Flags Over Georgia.  Even odder, this was the only roller coaster (that was open) at SFoG that had an on-ride photo.  This photo is taken while you're upside down in the pretzel loop.

Hydra: The Revenge - Dorney Park

7 May 2005

David, me, Adrienne

Opening day at Dorney Park this year also marked the opening of Hydra: The Revenge.  This unique on-ride photo features two pictures - the top photo is taken while you're upside in the Jojo roll (the first pre-lift hill inversion in the world) and the bottom photo is taken at another point in the ride.

Kingda Ka - Six Flags Great Adventure

22 May 2005

me, David, Adrienne

Kingda Ka is a rocket coaster just a bit bigger and faster than Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster, and also features a before/after on-ride photo.  The right photo is the "before" (during the launch), and the left photo is the "after" (after the bunny hill).  This was Adrienne's first ride on an Intamin rocket coaster.

Great Bear - Hersheypark

12 July 2005

Adrienne, me

I've ridden quite a few B&M inverts, and most feel the same, but I have to give big props to Great Bear.  It has some very unique elements, and it was a very fun ride.  Adrienne wasn't happy for some reason.  While I liked the fact that Hershey had a lot of on-ride photos, the placement was not always the best, as this one occurs during the brake run at the end.

Wildcat - Hersheypark

12 July 2005

Adrienne, me

The first time I rode Wildcat that day, I kept looking for the on-ride photo.  Only to realize too late it was at the end near the brake run.  Second time was a charm and we got this fun shot of the two of us.

Storm Runner - Hersheypark

12 July 2005

Adrienne, me

I remembered to bring my glasses strap with me to Hershey so I could wear it on the Intamin rocket coaster Storm Runner, however, I forgot it in the car, so I never really got to "enjoy the view" on this coaster that day.  I really enjoyed Storm Runner, and the inversions were quite unique.

Wild Mouse - Hersheypark

12 July 2005

me, Adrienne

Mouse coasters aren't exactly my favorite, but hey, I'm a credit whore and so we rode it.  We were both quite surprised to find out there was an on-ride photo.  Unlike the Great Bear photo above, Adrienne seems to be enjoying herself here.

Garfield's Nightmare - Kennywood

13 July 2005

me, David, Adrienne

Ok, so it's not a roller coaster, but the cheesy boat ride "Garfield's Nightmare" is one of two on-ride photos at Kennywood.  This is quite the opposite of Hershey, which seems to have on-ride photos on every ride.

X-Flight - Geauga Lake

15 July 2005

Adrienne, my mom, me

I have to give David major props for snagging this photo of us on X-Flight.  He'd never really used my digital camera before, but he managed to find a good spot, figure out the timing, and he snapped this photo of the three of us.  Yes, that's my mother between Adrienne and I.  She likes coasters too, but can't "power-ride" like we do.

Twister - Knoebel's

8 October 2005

me, Adrienne

Our annual trip to Knoebel's wouldn't be the same without lousy weather of some sort, and this year was no different.  It rained nearly the entire day, but we still managed to catch a few fun rides on the coasters there.  Notice that the three men in this picture are cowering from the rain, while the woman merely smiles and laughs.  What does she know that we don't?  Or is she merely taking pleasure from our pain??

High Speed Thrill Coaster - Knoebel's

9 October 2005

David, me

It's cheesy, it's small, and there's nothing "high speed" about it.  Actually I think it's the cheese factor that makes this coaster so much fun.  That and the fact that I swear it's powered by a lawn mower engine.

Magnum XL-200 - Cedar Point

14 October 2005

Phil, Randy, me, Adrienne

I'm not sure what the funniest part of this picture is.  Phil licking Randy's face, my expression of bewilderment, or Adrienne laughing herself silly.