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Le Monstre - La Ronde

21 July 2004

me (others unknown)

My solo day at La Ronde in Montreal was an interesting adventure which included a very hot day, long lines, and typical French slowness.  The ride ops at La Ronde made Six Flags ops look speedy.  Note the screaming queens behind me hanging on for dear life.

Le Vampire - La Ronde

21 July 2004

me (others unknown)

I really wanted to ride Le Vampire again, as it was quite a good ride, but the lines were just too damn long.

Twister - Knoebel's

9 October 2004

me, David, Adrienne, Stephen

2004 was the second Phoenix Phall Phunfest for Adrienne and I.  This year we brought David and Stephen along. David loved the Twister.  Stephen must have done something quite funny to get Adrienne to laugh out loud like that.

Talon - Dorney Park

10 October 2004

me, David

This picture is so perfect it almost seems like the coaster isn't even moving.  I hadn't gotten an on-ride photo from Talon in a few years, but this one was worth it.

Top Thrill Dragster - Cedar Point

22 October 2004

Phil, Randy, me, David

This was the one photo I needed to complete my collection of on-ride photos from Cedar Point.  I missed out on it in 2003 because we didn't take the time to ride Dragster again.  This photo was the second of our Dragster rides that night alone, and we ended up with six rides on it for the weekend.

Millennium Force - Cedar Point

24 October 2004

me, David

Because she wasn't there with us, David and I just had to do a tribute to Adrienne.