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current employment

As you may have seen on other pages on this site, in March 2010 I made some major changes to my life, which included leaving my home and job in Philadelphia and moving to Rockville, MD to be with my partner and start a new job with LCG Systems.

As with my job at Drexel, it took me about five months to find my current job - the difference this time being that I was still working while I was looking for another job.  It was a bit of a challenge to find a job while being in a job, and it was further complicated by the fact that I needed to find a job in a completely different city.

The process of getting my job at LCG had some other similarities with my job at Drexel University.  The position I was hired for at LCG, Technical Trainer, was a brand new position created at the company, and therefore, I am the first person to hold it.  The interview process was also very similar.  I don't know how many other people they interviewed (if any at all), but I was offered the job by phone call less than two hours after my interview.

As before, being the new guy and starting a brand new position which a company hasn't quite clearly defined has been a challenge.  There were some growing pains at first, but I feel that they respect my opinion and experience I bring to training, and I am excited to see where this job will continue to go.

In regards to certifications, I possess several Microsoft certifications for Microsoft Office.  I have been certified as a Microsoft Office Master on every version of Office since 1997, including Office 2010 and I am also a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

previous "relevant" jobs and employers

In August of 2008 I began employment at Drexel University.  I was laid off by my former employer in April of 2008, and spent the next several months trying to find a new job.  I went through the usual barrage of applications, interviews, and disappointments - fortunately I found this job before the economy really tanked.  I was the only person they interviewed for the job - the interviewing manager was so impressed with my resume and interview he practically hired me on the spot.

I was hired as a Trainer and Technical Support Analyst - a brand new position that was created in my department.  They needed and wanted to establish a training program, and I was hired to create a program for them, as well as support their users.

It was definitely interesting to be working some place "new" - especially after having been at my last job for over 11 years.  I got really used to the way certain things were done, the challenge at this job was to adapt to new policies and procedures, as well as learn how to be part of a much smaller IS/IT team.  A small team has its good and bad points.  On the good side, it meant I could get my hands on more technologies and learn more things, but on the bad side, it meant that we all had to be responsible for more things, and it was difficult to stay focused on our major areas.

This was the first job in a long time that I left "voluntarily".  I resigned my position at Drexel in March 2010.  I really liked the people that I worked with, and was looking forward to many opportunities at Drexel, however, the needs of my relationship dictated that I had to leave and seek employment in Rockville, MD.  

Prior to Drexel University I worked for a company called The Abreon Group -- a company based in Pittsburgh, PA.  I worked for the Pittsburgh branch of Abreon and was based with a client in Philadelphia (don't ask... it's a long story... read the Location page if you really want to know).  I was sent to Philadelphia in January of 1997 as part of a five-week assignment for a client and ended up working at the same client site for over 11 years.

I held the title of Information Services Training Manager at the client site where I worked.  Formerly I was the Senior Analyst in the help desk.  My expertise being primarily with the Microsoft Office products, I taught classes in Windows, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, Visio, and anything else I was asked to learn.  I managed the IS training program, wrote and revised documentation, served as second-level support for the help desk on Office issues, and was often dragged into the help desk to answer phone calls when there wasn't enough staff.

I really miss this job and the people I worked with.  I was there for over 11 years, and I had a great rapport with my students and staff.  I regret not being able to "wrap things up" in a nice neat manner, and I never got the kind of farewell that I had seen so many other people get over the years.

past jobs and employers that aren't on my resume anymore
DT/Counter/Grill/You Name It

Who hasn't worked at a McD's in their lifetime?  I had always said I wasn't going to be one of them, but when I needed a job during high school, and McD's came to town -- well some things just had to be done.  I am an "original crew member" of the North East store.

McD's was the job I had whenever I came home from college on a break.  I actually have lots of fond memories of working at McD's.  I was on the night crew, and the people that I worked with on closes became my summer friends.

The Disney Store
Cast Member

Working for Disney was a dream come true.  I am a "founding cast member" of the Erie store.  I was one of 30 people selected from nearly 300 applicants to work at the new store. 

Unfortunately, I was only able to work there for about 4 months.  As much as I loved it, it didn't pay well, and there weren't a lot of hours.  When a better job came along that was full-time, I regretfully had to go.

WXTA Country 98
Tech Support/DJ

Don't laugh -- I know it says "country" in the title.  The people were really cool at WXTA.  I did my college internship for broadcast communications at WXTA and then worked for WXTA on and off for the next few years.  Most of the time I was a staff helper/gopher/tech support goon.  Quite frankly, I was the only person there that knew anything about computers.

I finally had my chance to be a DJ there in Spring of '94.  I worked the weekend overnight shift -- the graveyard shift was more like it.  It was certainly an interesting job, and I wouldn't mind doing it again.

Lutheran Memorial Camp

My two summers at LMC in 1993 and 1994 were two of the best I've ever had.  The story of how I ended up there in the first place is rather long, amusing, and filled with some interesting ironies.  If you'd like, you can read the complete story.

Blue Cross of Western PA

BCWP was going to be my stepping stone to the big time in the corporate world.  I landed a job there by coming in as a temp.  I was the "numbers guy" for the Erie Member Services call center. I was the director's secretary, and she exploited my computer skills as best she could.

As much as I loved the job, I got really stupid and did some things on the network that I shouldn't.  Needless to say, I got caught, and I was fired.  My supervisor hated to let me go, but corporate policy had to be followed.  I understood that and it was an important lesson I learned the hard way.

Of course... that's not to say I don't still mess around to this day... :-)

Jobs I Hated:
  • Mowing lawns (BORING)
  • Grocery store clerk (lots of white trash)
  • Utility clerk for a membership warehouse (getting shopping carts in the snow and rain? NOT!)
  • Therapeutic support for a children's home (stress from hell)