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my family

My parents are still happily married after over 40 years, and live in my hometown of North East, PA.

I have one younger brother.  We are as different as night and day.  He is only 16 months younger than me, and was two years behind me in school.  As kids we fought all the time.  There are major fundamental and philosophical differences between us, so it makes our relationship rather difficult at times.

My mother and father were born and raised in my hometown, and attended North East High School, where I also attended.  It was definitely a bit weird to have some of the same teachers they had.  My mother has one older brother, and my father has one younger brother and two older brothers.

My mother's side of the family is the German/Irish side.  I look and am built most like my mother's brother.  My mother can be the typical stubborn German.  I get my anal-retentiveness and stubbornness from her.  Since I'm a total momma's boy, mom is generally the one I talk to when I call home.

My father's side of the family is the Italian side.  From them I inherited my dark features -- dark hair, slightly darker skin, and the ability to grow stubble by 2 in the afternoon.  Personality-wise I inherited the fiery-ness and intensity of emotions from my father's side.  Over the years I've learned to control that side of my personality - otherwise I'd be getting myself in a lot of trouble.

In August 1998 my maternal grandfather passed away.  This was the first of my four grandparents to pass away.  My paternal grandfather passed away in September 2002, and his wife, my paternal grandmother, passed away in March 2006.  My last remaining grandparent, my maternal grandmother, died in July 2007, shortly after my 37th birthday.  I was honored to sing at every grandparent's funeral, and I served as a pallbearer for all of the funerals.

More pictures of my family and I can be found on the Pictures - Family page. 

Overall, being raised in a small town, I feel as though I have developed a strong sense of family -- I do my best to stay in touch with the members of my family, and I always try to get home for the holidays.